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Welcome to the all new "Neumann Collection" website.  This site documents the Neumann Collection, a little known but historically significant collection housed in a top secret location in Abbotsford, B.C.

My collecting tastes have changed over the years.  Starting out with collection rocks, coins and stamps, my tastes changed as I was able to afford more expensive things.  It continued on with collecting antique cameras and photographic equipment, mostly old Kodak folders, and I lost interest for a while.  I started collecting cameras again, but focused on folding Japanese cameras, and some rarer Kodaks and German folding rangefinders.

Now I am interesting collecting items that have a historic link to British Columbia.  I have a small collection of hotelware, which is dishes that were used in old hotels, that often had the name, or even a picture of the building on the plate.  These items are a very popular collectible, and are increasingly difficult to find these days.  I also have a collection of steamship memorabilia, focusing mainly on the Canadian Pacific steamships, but also some Union Steamship Company and Western Canada Steamship Company.  I hope to add images of these items as time allows.

Enjoy the site!


Latest Update:  July 20, 2013