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For larger images of the steamship china logos, please see Jacques Marc's book Pacific Coast Ship China.  Since his has done an excellent job photographing close ups of logos, I felt that it would have been redundant to for me to do the same with my own collection.


January 12, 2013: "Canadian Pacific BCCSS Spittoon" added to Steamship China
December 18, 2012:
"Shawnigan Lake School" cup and saucer added to Hotelware Logos and Hotelware Pieces
July 7, 2013: Creamers (Leonard's Cafe, St. Francis Hotel, Union Steamships Estates
                     Platters (Palace Hotel, Riverside Hotel, Canyon View Hotel)
                     Cup & Saucer Canadian Pacific "Tremblant" pattern
                     Oval Bowl Union Steamship Company "Banner" pattern
August 31, 2013: Mug & Saucer Canadian Pacific "Tremblant BCCSS" pattern
January 27, 2014: CNR gravy boat and Union Steamship celery dish added to Steamship China
                             Plates (Levy's Restaurant, Terminal City Club, EH),
                             Platters (Hotel Irving, Patricia Cafe),
                             Creamer (Hotel Bella Vista), Mustard Pots (Royal Hotel, Croatian Educational Home) Oval Bowl (Grand Forks Hotel) all added to Hotelware Pieces
                             Patricia Cafe, Royal Hotel, Terminal City Club Gold, and EH added to Hotelware Logos